Marlon Stockinger: gearing up for the biggest race of his life

The many faces of Marlon Stockinger

Last year, something monumental happened in the field of motocross racing here in the Philippines, Lotus F1 Team, together with its junior driver, our very own Marlon Stockinger, brought in an F1 and showcased it around the Metro.

It was such a feat for the 22 year old Stockinger, as he is very determined to involve the Philippines with his passion in Formula racing.

Marlon Stockinger is a Swiss-Filipino who is on his way to becoming the first ever Filipino to be a F1 driver.  From his humble beginnings of kart racing in Carmona, Cavite, to the now more prestigious races in Monaco, in Europe, Marlon only has one thing in his mind, to be able to do what he loves doing and making the Filipinos’ proud.

During a luncheon meeting with the Press on Friday, Marlon and his dad had a candid time answering questions from the press.

The young driver admitted that last year was not exactly his best year, but he still managed to land at the Top 10.  With his last two tests in Barcelona, achieving 1st and 2nd places in the rookie podium, Marlon is ecstatic that he was awarded as the Most Improved Driver at the end of the season.

As he starts his second year competing in the World Series, Marlon knows that it entails a lot of practice, preparations, and sacrifices in order to fulfill his dream to become an F1 driver.  The World Series is the logical thing to enter if you want to qualify for the F1 series.  Some drivers’ career starts after their second year in the World Series, however, no matter how confident the people around Marlon are, the timid young driver said that he’s still young therefore if next year will not be his chance to achieve his goal of driving an F1 then, there will be more chances in the coming years.

The Philippines is not exactly a Racing sport enthusiast, but the sport is slowly gaining popularity.  As Tom Stockinger said “We’re here to promote the awareness of having a Filipino driver in F1”.  Filipinos are already abreast with what is happening in the world of motocross, with the likes of Michael Shumacher and Fernando Alonzo, the name Marlon Stockinger is definitely making its own mark as well.

However, each dream comes with a price.  For Marlon, he needs to be physically and mentally fit every time he puts on that helmet and race.  Racing is actually the icing on the cake.  When probed what he did during his brief stay here in the country during the holidays, Marlon said that he had to constrained himself from enjoying too much the holiday festivities since he needs to train because when he gets back to Prague, he will have to go through many physical exams and of course, his body needs to be in great condition.

On January 15, Marlon will be packing his bags and will once again try to make history as he competes in the World Series in Monaco.  Let’s cheer him on because his success will put the Philippine flag in the world of Formula racing.   (Rita Salonga)

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